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Cincinnati Old Washing Machine and Dryer Disposal

One of the many benefits of living in a civilized society are the simple pleasures of being able to do our own laundry. Perhaps “simple pleasure” isn’t the right word. Yes, this is a chore but one we should embrace. Many folks learned how to do laundry from their moms. Here’s a little secret: Mom didn’t always get it right. As shocking as that might be, it never hurts to review some basic rules of cleaning clothes to improve your own laundry effectiveness.

The issue with stains is that you need to treat them right away. If you’re out at a restaurant and spill something on what you’re wearing, get that stain wet. If it dries it might never come out. Back at home you should soak that item in some water and detergent until you’re ready for a full load of laundry.

We all know about sorting whites, darks and delicates but you should also sort your clothes by fabric type and water temperature. There is a reason why it is recommended that some items be washed in cold water vs. warm water. It’s also important to keep your linty type of laundry like towels or flannels away from smooth fabrics which would pick up that lint like a magnet.

To save energy you should be doing full loads of laundry every time but a full load doesn’t mean an overstuffed load. The idea amount of laundry is about three-quarters of the way filled up in the drum. This way your clothes will have room to move around and allow your detergent to do its thing. You should also add soap into the water before adding your clothes. This will give it a chance to dissolve and work more effectively. Additionally, be on the lookout for a good laundry booster like Borax or baking soda. These additives can punch up your detergent and soften your water which will be good all around.

If you constantly clean out your dryer lint trap good for you! However, you shouldn’t stop there. Lint can also seep out from the back of the machine. Run you vacuum over that area as well. If your washer and dryer have seen better days, then it might be time to swap them out for more energy efficient models.

Look for Energy Star rated machines which will help cut back on your energy bills. Getting rid of those old machines will be easy with Junk King Cincinnati on your side. These are the junk removal specialists who will provide you with a capable crew and truck big enough to haul off your washing machine, dryer and any other oversized item you want to get rid of. Clean your clothes and your home the right way. Call Junk King today to find out how!