Redesign The Office Without Cubicle Walls

Just as with your home, your office occasionally needs a “makeover.” This is an opportunity to revitalize the space and make it more conducive for work. Have you ever asked your employees if they like being stuck inside cubicles? You might be surprised to discover that the majority of your staff would appreciate an open flow workspace. That means bringing down the cube walls. This might seem like an overwhelming task but when you hire Junk King Cincinnati to take care of it, the job will get done without you lifting a finger.

New Office

Imagining your office without the cubicle walls can present many potential floor plans. You can create rows of desks that run parallel to each other or are turned facing each other in a square. It might take a period of adjustment for your workers to get used to not having any walls close in on them. But soon that new office design can foster better communication among the staff. There will still be places in the office for privacy but the open floor plan just makes everything feel more purposeful.

Hard-working Crew

To bring down those cubicle walls,’s Junk King is going to dispatch a hard-working crew. This is the same team that handles all kinds of rubbish removal of all kinds of environments. Part of their training includes learning how to dismantle structures. It will only take the Junk King team quick review of your cubicle walls to understand the best approach for taking them apart. Once they been disassembled the team will quickly load up those pieces on to the back of the truck. A final sweep of the area will have the job done. That will leave you with the opportunity to rearrange the furniture and start fresh.

If you need additional items taken away, then you can turn them over to the Junk King team as well. There will be plenty of room on the truck for all kinds of unwanted office furniture and equipment. Junk King can even clear out any unwanted files.

Bringing down the cubicle walls to redesign your office starts with a call to Junk King Cincinnati. They are standing by to help today.