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What We Do with Furniture Donation at Junk King Cincinnati

Junk King deals with all sorts of junk. Our trucks are busy every day picking up junk from our residential and commercial customers. A good amount of what we haul away is garbage, of course, but there are some items that are still in good condition. When we find these working appliances and gently used furniture, we don’t take them to the dump. Instead, we donate them. This helps reduce the amount of garbage we add to the landfill plus helps those in need.


What Happens with Furniture Donation?

When you donate furniture, Junk King will come and pick it up just as we would any other junk. In fact, you can combine a donation with a junk pickup. We will separate out what’s garbage and what can be donated. We then take the donated furniture, appliances, and any other items to one of the local organizations and charities we work with. These organizations are dedicated to helping Cincinnatians in need get back on their feet.

When we drop off furniture, it’s typically deep cleaned and carefully checked over before being given to those who need it. This ensures that the furniture is truly in good condition and can be used. If it’s not, we will take it to the landfill or recycling center. Once we drop off the furniture, it’s up to the organization to pass it on to those who need it. In some cases, such as when we take donated furniture to a shelter, the organization itself may use it.


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Why Do We Donate Furniture?

One question we often get is why do we donate furniture? It does take more work to sort out furniture and other items that are in good condition and donate them. We do not charge anything extra for this work, nor do we include any fees for donating furniture. We cover any additional costs and the manpower it takes to sort through the junk we collect because we are dedicated to protecting the environment.

Junk King’s goal is to donate or recycle at least 60 percent of everything we collect. That is a tall order, but we truly believe that it’s possible. There are many items that we pick up that can still be used, so why shouldn’t they be? Putting these gently used items in the landfill is a waste. They take up additional space and lead to more raw materials being used to create new furniture.

We also want to help those in Cincinnati and the surrounding communities who may not have the resources to purchase furniture. The charities and other organizations we work with help these individuals get the furniture they need for free or at a very low cost. We’ve worked with some of these organizations for years and are proud of the impact we have had on our community.


What Can You Donate?

You can donate any furniture or appliances, but we won’t be able to pass on all of them. If the appliance doesn’t work, there’s often nothing we can do except take it to the landfill or to be recycled. We don’t have any technicians who can repair these items.

Broken furniture is also, unfortunately, often not something we can donate. This furniture can present a safety hazard, so we don’t want to put anyone at risk. If the damage is cosmetic, such as a small stain on a chair cushion, it’s often still usable. However, if the stains are accompanied by an odor that cannot come out, we often have to dump the piece. It’s unfortunate, but we do want to make certain anyone who uses the furniture after it’s donated can do so safely.

Any furniture that has been exposed to pests or insects, including bed bugs or fleas, is typically not donated. We do not want to cause an infestation anywhere else. Likewise, we cannot take anything that includes hazardous materials. Most furniture doesn’t, but some appliances do include chemicals that we cannot take. If you have a question about what we can haul away, please call and ask. Most household appliances, such as refrigerators, freezers, microwaves, and washer/dryer units, are accepted.


Donation Centers May Not Accept Everything

While we will haul away any furniture you set out, donation centers do not always accept everything. In addition to broken furniture, many donation centers will not accept mattresses. This is due to the personal nature of beds and the fact that mattresses are often the source of bedbugs. Because of this, many organizations will also not accept box springs. Some are open to bedframes. We will do all of the research and know what organizations will and will not accept, so you don’t have to worry about it.


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How Can You Donate Through Junk King?

Furniture donation is incredibly easy with Junk King. If you have gently used furniture that you believe someone else could use but you no longer need, just give us a call. Tell us what you have and that it’s still in good shape. We will work with you to find the right time to come pick it up. We can also haul away other junk at the same time, so you don’t need to make two different appointments.

That’s all you have to do. We will come pick up the donation and anything else you have at the scheduled time. Once we have verified that the furniture is in good condition, we will take it to the right place. You don’t need to remove the furniture from your home or have it set out anywhere in particular. Just point our team to it. We will take great care in removing the items from your house so we don’t damage them or your home.


What Does Junk King Take?

We will haul away just about anything that isn’t hazardous. This includes much more than furniture and appliances, of course. We will also haul away the following:

-Yard waste
-Hot tubs
-Electronic waste, including televisions, monitors, and computers
-Construction waste
-And so much more!


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What Happens to Furniture that Cannot Be Donated?

Junk King hates putting anything in the landfill. While we know that there are some items that simply cannot be reused or recycled, we do our best to keep things out of the dump. While not all furniture can be recycled some can. We will do what we can to ensure that any damaged furniture we take gets recycled. Unfortunately, it’s not always simple to recycle furniture. Some of the materials used cannot easily be reclaimed and used again. For example, wood used in furniture may be treated with a coating or varnish that makes it hard to reuse.

It’s not impossible to recycle furniture. Metal furniture is often taken by scrap metal recyclers, so anything that is mostly metal can easily be recycled. Wooden furniture isn’t always as simple to recycle, but there are places that will remove what they can. This is especially true if the furniture is vintage or contains unique materials.


Junk King has Helped Cincinnati Residents and Business Owners for Years

No one wants old furniture, broken appliances, or other garbage sitting around in their home. That’s where Junk King comes in. Our full-service junk removal will help you with any junk you need to get rid of. Our past clients have been very pleased with our services, calling us “courteous and professional” and ranking Junk King a “10 out of 10.”

We do more than just help homeowners who have an old sofa or need to get rid of a busted stove. Our team also works with landlords and rental management companies. If you’ve had a tenant leave behind a few pieces of furniture, give us a call. We can donate this furniture or take it to the landfill, depending on its condition.

While most furniture and other items left behind by tenants aren’t in great condition, some people do abandon items that still have life in them. They may not have had room for this furniture in the moving truck, or they may have simply decided to replace it. Regardless of why it was left, you need it out of your rental unit, and we will help you with that.


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Why Junk King?

Why should you choose Junk King as your professional junk hauler? As one of the top ranked junk disposal companies in the nation, Junk King provides outstanding service to all our customers. It doesn’t matter if you need us to come out once to pick up a few old chairs or if you need to arrange regular pickups for your business. You’ll receive the same level of professional services no matter what you need.

Our dedication to the environment and recycling or donating items is another difference between us and our competitors. We are doing everything we can to keep usable and recyclable items out of the landfill. When you work with us, you’re helping keep our planet safe.

These are just a few reasons why Junk King has the reputation that it does. If you would like to learn more or want a free, no-obligation quote, please contact us today. You can submit a question or book online, plus you can call us at 1-888-888-JUNK or send us a text to 1-737-888-5865. 

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