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Will I Need a Dumpster for My Cincinnati Junk Removal Project?

How much “stuff” do you have? For those who have called the same place home for many years, it’s all too easy to accumulate a huge amount of personal items, both important and unimportant. Eventually, you could reach a point where it’s time to simply say “enough is enough” and make the decision that it’s time for some things to go for good. In another situation, you could face the need to clear out a home after the passing of a loved one, or to tidy up after a home renovation. Do you need a dumpster to be able to take care of this process? There are a few things that go into making that decision. Let’s break them down.

Assessing the scope of your project with accuracy

Need a Dumpster Sometimes it is easy to know right away when a junk removal project you wish to undertake will generate a large amount of garbage. In the case of cleaning up a property after a renovation, it could be that you had to store the debris generated by the work somewhere else in the house, such as the garage, or elsewhere on the property. It could consist of everything from old, broken drywall and timber framing to paint, large plastic tarps, and more. There’s no need to engage in any estimation when you can see a giant pile of junk in plain sight.

Not every project is so straightforward. When you’ve only just decided it is time to let go of many old items, you may not know right away whether a dumpster is the right choice. After all, what if it turns out that you don’t have that much to discard after all? Go space by space and prepare the property for the removal process. This evaluation can be daunting, but breaking it up into smaller chunks and learning how to determine if you should keep something can make the process that much simpler.

During this process, it is a good idea to make a list of the items that may require special disposal. Your list might include old tires, broken electronic items, or certain types of hazardous waste. It will be important later when you need to choose a dumpster company. Once you’ve done a thorough examination of your home and gotten a first-hand look at how much needs to go, you can decide which disposal method will work best.

Do you really need a dumpster?

Answering the above question requires thinking about some other things first. You may not initially think that a dumpster is the right choice; after all, doesn’t it mean a hassle-filled process and an unsightly dumpster sitting in front of the property for a long period? Neither of these things are necessarily true. In fact, armed with a sense of what you need and what you plan to accomplish, neither are even true concerns. Renting a dumpster can be fast and easy, and when done in sync with your junk removal plans, can streamline the entire process.

Okay, what about those other things you should consider? First, ask yourself if you have any oversized, bulky, or otherwise very heavy items for disposal. Consider the previous example of a house where junk from a renovation and excess building materials have accumulated. That’s not going to be anything you can force into your normal trash can. Even large “contractor” style garbage bags may not be a good idea. Considering that drywall weighs roughly a pound and a half per square foot, it can add up to a hefty weight quickly. Even if you could place the junk inside garbage bags, they could be too heavy to move. If you face a situation like this, a dumpster rental is a smart move. The same goes for large objects.

Next, consider the potential impact of your project. Do you care if everything you throw away goes straight to a landfill, or would you prefer a “greener” approach to the process? Some dumpster companies will sort through the garbage you discard, only sending the most unusable objects to the landfill. The rest go on to recycling facilities. Instead of throwing things in the regular trash, you could choose this option instead.

the do you really need it checklist

As a final consideration, think about the convenience. A dumpster doesn’t just mean less time spent filling garbage bags and hauling heavy objects around. It also means less time spent on the project overall. With an on-site rental, you can spend less time thinking about the logistics of disposal and more time moving things straight from the house into the dumpster. Sound like what you need for a successful project?

Picking the right partner for a rental

So, you’ve decided that you do need a dumpster to execute the project you have in mind after all. What next? For most people, pricing will be the number one concern. This isn’t typically the sort of undertaking that pays for itself, so you’ll naturally want an option that’s cost-effective. Pricing models vary, but among the most helpful for homeowners is the usage-based model. Rather than paying a flat rate or by weight, both of which can prove to be more expensive if you have a lot to discard, you pay based on what percentage of the space in the dumpster you use. Consider how useful this can be, especially in a situation where you fill one dumpster and require another — but with that one, you only fill it up halfway. Instead of paying the entire rate again, you save money by only paying for the half you did use.

the complete summer cleaning guide

Remember the potentially hazardous waste you made a note of earlier? Now is the time to discuss disposal with the dumpster company you choose. Find out what is and is not allowable, then make alternative plans as necessary. For example, many auto supply stores and mechanics will accept used motor oil for disposal, while some brick-and-mortar electronics stores take lithium-ion rechargeable batteries for recycling. It’s important for both safety and environmental reasons not to discard these things with “regular” junk, so check with the provider for tips on how to proceed.

Executing your project with an eye towards success

Plan where you will want the dumpster to go ahead of time after deciding to book a rental. After placement, you may not have the opportunity to move the unit again until the company returns to pick it up again. Where is the place most convenient to your project? Some homeowners may opt for the driveway, while others may make way to allow for the drop-off in the backyard or another area. Wherever you ask for placement, take care not it does not create an obstruction.

With everything now in place, homeowners can proceed apace with their junk removal project. Rental rates typically include several days before any additional fees come into play. This way, you have plenty of time to finish the project and send that junk on its way. When all is said and done, the only thing left to do is tidy up the space and put things back in order.

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There’s no need to let unwanted items, broken furniture, or discarded appliances accumulate around the house. With a fair pricing scheme such as those described above which scale to the amount of space you fill; a rental dumpster can streamline your junk cleanup project even if you only have a small amount of debris to clear. Whether you need a dumpster because you have a huge amount of junk to remove or because you’re looking for something to add convenience to the project, find a dumpster rental company that has the right flexibility and products to help you.


How I Came to Realize I Needed a Dumpster Rental in Cincinnati

I, like most homeowners, take great pride in keeping my property in good shape, and I certainly don’t ignore tasks such as spring cleaning and routine maintenance. However, one thing I’m not very good at is getting rid of stuff I no longer need, even though I’m far from being a hoarder. I don’t let my home’s interior become so full of clutter that I’d need a dumpster rental in Cincinnati throw it all out, but unfortunately, I am guilty of just dumping possessions with no proper home in the garage or the basement.

For years, I pretty much aimlessly threw things into the garage without really concentrating on maintaining or cleaning the space. After all, out of sight, out of mind, and a junk-filled garage had little effect on the pride I felt for my overall home.

Once the garage was full, I began filling up the basement with possessions and old furniture I thought I could somehow use in the future. Some items I intended to donate, others I made plans to sell, and some of it I simply couldn’t let go of because it had been a part of my life for so long. Then, one day, both the garage and the basement could hold no more.

How the Garage Became More Than a Small Issue

Dumpster Rental in CincinnatiMy overloaded garage became a matter of urgency when my husband decided that after many years, it was time to do some landscaping, so he came home with a new trimmer, mower, and a bunch of other stuff to get to work. At this point, he said we simply needed to do something about the garage, but when he looked at its contents and saw the gargantuan job that laid before us, he decided that it was better to hold off on that task until we’d finished the task at hand, i.e., the landscaping.

Instead of doing what we’d desperately needed to do for years, we bought a high-quality shed to store the new gardening equipment we’d purchased. Great – another storage space that could potentially become home to masses of clutter. Nevertheless, the shed served its purpose and worked quite well with our landscaping project. However, we’d underestimated just how much waste we’d have once we’d created the garden of our dreams.

I could barely believe how many bags of grass we’d ended up with just after fixing things up a little. Plus, we trimmed the few trees we have, removed all the old furniture that had faded with time and the elements, and pulled out the stump that had only served as a hazard for years. Before we knew it, we had more than enough garden waste to fill a Cincinnati dumpster, and then things only got worse.

A Family Tragedy Made Our Clutter Problem Unbearable

My grandmother lived to a ripe old age, but as is inevitable, she eventually passed away and left most of her possessions to my husband and me. While we were more than happy to deal with all her stuff and become the new proud owners of some precious family heirlooms, we simply had nowhere to put anything.

We still had a garage and a basement overflowing with clutter. I realized at this point that I hadn’t found a need for any of the items I was so desperate to cling onto since dumping them in there, and now, there were lots of new possessions that I had to hold onto at all costs.

For a while, it seemed that we had no walking space in any room in the house, and it quickly became apparent that we needed a dumpster rental in Cincinnati.

To be honest, the very idea filled me with joy at this stage because I wanted nothing more than to have a house I was proud of once again. We had a garage stacked to the rafters, a basement that was nothing more than a hoarding space, and there were many bags of garden waste sitting in the yard. Plus, we now had all my grandmother’s possessions to find places for.

Dumpster Rental in Cincinnati Saved Our Lives

I’m not exaggerating by saying that our Cincinnati dumpster rental saved us. If you’ve ever been in a similar position, you’ll understand how so much clutter taking up every inch of your home can drag your mood down significantly. We needed a quick way to clear our living space, and a dumpster rental was the fast and easy solution.

Are you ready to work with a company that is as committed to recycling and sustainability as you are? The City of Cincinnati has proven to be highly proactive when it comes to sustainability. Don’t wait to partner with Junk King to experience this top-rated service and responsibly dispose of your unwanted junk. Call today (513) 206-8945 or visit Junk King online to get a quick and easy quote for dumpster rentals or to learn more about our full-service junk removal services.

Cincinnati Post Storm Cleanup

Compared to the east coast, Cincinnati was spared the brunt of damage from the recent Hurricane Sandy. Yes, there was a lot of rain and some flooding but the damage was minimal. That didn’t mean the folks around here just sat back and let the storm pass them by. They sprang into action. Over at Duke Energy, there were teams standing by to make sure Cincinnati residents wouldn’t be trapped without power. Once that was clear, those teams headed east to help out the repair effort in New Jersey, New York and Connecticut. The Matthew 25 Ministries also geared up with food, water and cleaning supplies. When the storm moved on, they moved in. Their 135,000-square-foot warehouse was ready to load trucks within 20 minutes of getting the first call. That’s just how we roll here in Cincinnati.

If you did suffer some storm damage then you know how important it is to get that cleaned up as quickly as possible. Anything laden down with water has the potential to spur mold growth and that’s not something you want around your home. Trees soaked with rain might not have toppled over in this storm but you would be well advised to consider trimming back some of those heavy branches to prevent serious damage in the next storm. All of that cleanup or preventative work is not something you need to do by yourself. You can enlist the help of qualified junk removal specialist like the Junk King Cincinnati.

Even before the storm hit, Junk King was busy helping folks clear out the clutter of their lives. Their crews were able to move out all kinds of bulk items from garages, basements and attics. This was a big help to those folks who wanted to get that space back. After the storm, if those folks had any debris to toss out, Junk King got the call. It didn’t matter what needed to be tossed out, the Junk King crew can fill up their truck with anything you can imagine. They’ll also make sure that stuff is properly disposed off. This matters a lot when it comes to keeping Cincinnati clean and environmentally safe.

Now you can put Junk King Cincinnati to work for you in your home or business. This is the perfect time of the year to get rid of all the clutter as you make way for some holiday celebrations. If you’re planning to have out of town visitors you want to make them feel welcome which means getting all old furniture out of the guest room and making space in the closets. What it all comes down to is the Junk King phone number is one you’ll want to keep handy throughout the year. Whether it’s a storm clean up or spring cleaning, let Junk King lend a hand.

Cincinnati Landscaping Cleanup

Last year at the annual Keep Cincinnati Beautiful clean up day, over 800 volunteers armed themselves with gloves, shovels and trash bags and fanned out across 40 separate locations with one goal: pick up the trash. At the end of the day, that group of dedicated residents managed to collect over six tons of garbage by 7 illegal dumpsites, 15 parks and many other public places. There was on intrepid group who kept a running tally of the cigarette butts they picked up: 1,000. As the cleanup crews made their way through the neighborhoods picking up trash they were followed by the planting crews who dug in and placed over 12,000 daffodil bulbs throughout the city.

This year, Keep Cincinnati Beautiful is at it again pulling together resourses to hand out to neighborhood groups to help them with their own cleanup projects. Perhaps being surrounding by all these good cleanup efforts offers you a chance at a little introspective thought: Could your home stand for a “keep beautiful” type of event? If so, then you can enlist your own army of helpers. And by army we mean a Junk King Cincinnati crew.

Junk King Cincinnati is part of a national franchise of junk removal specialists who make it their business to keep Cincinnati beautiful one home at a time. Hiring Junk King means you’ll be bringing in professional movers to help you clear out the clutter from your basement, attic, garage or backyard. Pretty much any place where you might have junk is where the Junk King crew will go.

As we roll into the fall season, there will be plenty of need for a landscaping cleanup. Once those leaves start falling it will be time to bag them up. You won’t be able to fit them all in a garbage can but Junk King will have no problem getting rid of that debris. Junk King Cincinnati can make a clean sweep of any item you want taken away such as fallen tree limbs, an old fence, a kiddie pool or patio furniture. It’s a swell time to get ready for the rain and snow that is sure to be heading our way.

After the Junk King crew has swept through your yards, you can direct them to turn their attention to your interiors. Here is when they can remove items from those storage areas. You know the ones so crammed full of stuff you can’t even get by? Won’t it be great to clear out your garage and actually park the car inside like you’re supposed to? You can accomplish all of that cleanup and a lot more when you hire Junk King Cincinnati to be on your team.

Cincinnati Patio Furniture Removal

Summer is a time for backyard fun. But as everyone in Cincinnati has experienced, sometimes that backyard fun can be ruined by swarming mosquitoes. Whether you’re grilling for dinner or just trying to relax those nasty blood suckers can have you racing indoors. It doesn’t have to be that way especially when there are so many helpful hints out there to prevent mosquito bites. Have you tried these?

  1. Citronella: This is a popular method for repelling all kinds of bugs. The special scent found in Citronella candles and torches keeps the bugs away for as long as they are burning.
  2. Repellent Sprays: There are plenty of repellent sprays on the market which can be equally effective. Some folks would prefer a natural repellent that they know will be safe.
  3. Listerine: Yes, that same thing you use to garble with can scare off the mosquitoes. When you sense the bugs swarming, spray a mist of Listerine and water from a spray bottle in the direction of the bugs. They’ll go running.
  4. Lemon: In this case the lemon you should use is lemon thyme, lemon grass or lemon balm. The leaves of those plants are not a favorite of the mosquitoes.
  5. Light colors: Believe it or not, dark clothing colors like black, navy blue or dark green actually attract mosquitoes. So, if you’re going to be hanging outdoors, the brighter and bolder the better when it comes to clothing choices.

Getting rid of mosquitoes isn’t the only item on your “prepare for summer” to-do list. What about your patio furniture? Chances are you’ve kept your furniture outdoors all winter and it took a pretty good beating. Patio furniture is design to weather all kinds of storms by through the years even the sturdiest of chairs and tables could end up rusting or falling apart. This is especially true if your patio furniture choice is any type of wicker or wood. If you’re ready to swap out your old furniture for new pieces then you should consider hiring a group of professional junk haulers to get the job done – Junk King Cincinnati.

These junk haulers will have no problem tossing your old patio furniture onto the back of their big truck. You could also direct them to toss a lot of other junk onto that truck. From the backyard, you might also be looking to replace the old grill. There could be piles of dirt, pieces of broken concrete or scraps of lumber. Anything you want gone can be gone with Junk King.

They can also help you clear out your garage, basement, attic or any other area in your home that has junk it shouldn’t have. This type of total home sweep out is a great way to start the summer. Just remember, working up a sweat will also keep away the mosquitoes but the only ones who will be doing that will be those junk haulers. You stick with the Listerine!

Cincinnati Office Junk Removal

When you sign up for work in an office in Cincinnati you are essentially becoming a member of a team. You’ll have your role to play as you collectively work together to accomplish the goals of your company. As with any kind of team there might be people that get along and others who just don’t fit in. Every office has their “types.” Can you recognize these qualities in your coworkers?

The Borrower

This is a coworker who will stop by your office or cubicle to say hi and ask how you doing. Then they will borrow something. It could be your stapler, a pen or even your printer. Chances are you’ll never see these items again unless you go looking for them.

The Surfer

There’s always someone in your office who’s the first to break news of the world. That’s because they are spending most of their office hours surfing the net. Even though they might be able to explain away some of this surfing as work related chances are they’ve got their Facebook and Twitter account running around the clock.

The Gossiper

Every office has an office gossip. This is the person who knows everything that’s going on with everybody else’s business and they are happy to share that information with whoever asks. The gossip can be a very disruptive element in an office especially if the rumors they are spreading are unfounded.

The Sergeant-at-Arms

This is the coworker who makes sure everyone is following the rules of the office. Whether that’s properly recycling your soda cans or parking in the right space the sergeant-at-arms will remind you where there is an infraction.

The Delegator

One of the most important qualities in a leader is to delegate tasks to their team. However, there are some times when a coworker is delegated the task which they turn around and delegate to you. The question then becomes what are they doing?!

There are many other office types that you spend a lot of your day with in that work environment. Productive work can only happen in a productive space. Even if you can manage all those distinct personalities still might not be able to get your job done right when you’ve got to navigate around all the office clutter. That’s why you should step up and consider hiring professional junk haulers like Junk King Cincinnati to do a sweep through your office to get rid of all the clutter.

We’re not talking about the kind of trash that’s picked up by the custodial crew every night but instead the big stuff that is filling up the storage or creating traffic jams in the hallways. All of this clutter can be removed in one session with a team of professional junk haulers. Once your offices are free of clutter there is no promise those personality types won’t continue to cause disruptions but at least you know you’re working in a clean space.

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